Brian Alfred, AKI INOMATA, Julian Opie, Taro Komiya, Midori Harima, 
Miyo Stevens-Gandara, Miwa Ogasawara, Taylor Kibby, Atsushi Kaga 


Jun 01 (Mon.), 2020 - Jun 20 (Sat.), 2020

Taro Komiya, Still life : Flash, 2020 ©︎Taro Komiya / MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY
AKI INOMATA, Galloping Nambu breed horse, 2019 ©︎AKI INOMATA / MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY
Brian Alfred, LIGHT ©︎Brian Alfred / MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY
Julian Opie, Shooting star., ©︎Julian Opie / MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY
Installation view

MAHO KUBOTA GALLERY is pleased to present VIDEOTOPIA, a video art group show opening on June 1.
The show includes film works by Brian Alfred, AKI INOMATA, Taro Komiya, Midori Harima and Miyo Stevens-Gandara. “Shooting Star.”, a landscape film piece by Julian Opie will be also presented. In addition, there will be a latest video from the artists’ studio – of Miwa Ogasawara ( Hamburg) , Atsushi Kaga ( Callan ) and Taylor Kibby (Los Angeles ) .

Exhibition Overview
June 1 – June 20, 2020, 12-7pm
Closed on SUN, MON and National Holidays
The show starts on Monday, 1 June, and we will exceptionally open on Monday on the opening day.

Brian Alfred
Julian Opie
Taro Komiya
Midori Harima
Miyo Stevens-Gandara
Miwa Ogasawara
Taylor Kibby
Atsushi Kaga