Harima relocated to the United States in 2001, and currently maintains a studio in New York. She is known for her technique of creating hollow paper sculptures from archival paper, onto which she has pasted photocopied images from magazines, newspapers, and other conventional media. By gathering and linking together fragments of the visual information that inundates today’s society, and thereby raising issues that cannot be represented by other means, her work leads to the discovery of intuitive beauty for which her practice is highly acclaimed. Recently, she has presented a number of ambitious projects featuring with new developments, such as “Democracy Demonstrates,” a series of collage sculptures made from garbage that take everyday consumption as a starting point for considering the framework and spirit of democracy.
Recent exhibitions include ”Lyrics, Gestures and Games” Kala Art Institute, Berkeley (2017), ”The Big Scene: Seven sights” MMCA residency Goyang, South Korea (2015), ”Roadside Picnic” collaboration with Emiko Sawaragi Gilbert, FLYNNDOG, VT (2014), ”Ridden” Des Lee Gallery, Washington University, St. Louis (2013), “Everyday Life Hidden Reasons”, Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Yokohama (2011).